Experience & focus

Saconco is founded by Stephan Arnold Thomsen with the desire to be able to engage in the countless ITS, IoT, Smart City and other digitalization projects that develop the public transport. The goal is to be able to share knowledge and bring experience into play, aiming for the best solution with the passenger as the prime focus. 

Stephan has been working with digital solutions for public transport for more than 10 years and has during this time formed a special interest in the intersection between technology, people and business. Along these lines, Stephan has taken part in numerous First Mover projects, each of which has developed the public transport and created better travel experiences for the passenger.  

The focus is on the passenger, the journey, and the pursuit of improving the travel experience in public transport. Stephan combines this focus with great knowledge of technological opportunities and solutions as well as experience with human interaction. In that intersection, existing procedures have been challenged, and new solutions have seen the light of day. 

Types of projects that Stephan has been a part of and which have developed his skills, curiosity, and professional creativity: 

  • Automatic passenger counting   

  • Automatic voice announcement   

  • Dynamic passenger information on stops and stations  

  • E-learning concept with  certification  for  bus drivers  

  • FMS/CAN bus integration 

  • Fuel and maintenance systems   

  • ITxPT integration   

  • On-board Dynamic Passenger Information   

  • Operational communication  

  • Radio and VoIP communication   

  • Realtime information system  

  • Remote and connected CCTV combined with alarm systems

  • Telematics with G-sensors; driver behaviour   

Nordic approach - Global vision

Saconco draws on experience from projects in Northern Europe in countries such as: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Germany, Great Britain, and Sweden. New projects are under way in the Baltic countries and Poland. 

In addition to this, Stephan is personally a daily user of public transport and also utilizes many of the new sharing economy and mobility services that have been launched in recent years, which gives him day-to-day insight into the passenger's perspective. 

Business philosophy

The themes that Saconco deals with are complex and affect many different subject areas - from management, finance, business understanding, and communication to digital technologies, mechanics, and physics. We are not experts on everything and have no intention of being so; we have extensive experience, a great network, and we are able to navigate it and bring the right skills into action.

What makes Saconco unique is that we have tried many different projects and led them from the initiation phase and the first idea to implementation and daily operation. We are still curious about technology and how it can be used to create a better everyday life for passengers in public transport. And therefore, we see a great value in bringing more players into action to work towards the goal which is and always will be: The best solution.

So, if you are about to develop, design, or implement an ITS, IoT, ITxPT, or other digital project in public transport, you are welcome to contact Saconco for a discussion of how we can contribute and create value for your passengers and business.